Lauras International can improve your productivity and unlock the profit potential in your business – but we don’t stop there. With a combination of established methods and our own bespoke techniques, we not only identify and help you to resolve issues short term; we also leave behind a set of problem-solving tools and a co-operative workplace culture which makes productivity improvement sustainable long into the future.

Our unique and guaranteed RapidLean programme has been tried and tested time and again, and typically gains companies 3-5 times our fee in annualised savings. For fast, effective, long-term productivity improvement.

Our tried and tested programme, Aspire, gives your staff a structure of learning and improvement within which they can develop their own highly-effective management and leadership style.

Running a factory at its highest reliability level can be a costly business – but we offer a combination of strategies which minimise your costs and maximise effectiveness.

We believe in payment by results – so much so that we offer a simple guarantee:
If we don’t achieve what we promise with our RapidLean programme – and we’ll spell that out in great detail – we’ll leave it up to you how much you pay us.

How can we be so confident? Because we deliver time and time again. We know that what we’ve already done for others, we can do for you too.

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